Sunday, November 27, 2011

Restrained Love v2.8

Hey !

So here it is, after many promises, the new RLV with a blacklist to ignore some RLV commands !

I know, I'm a little late. Hehe. Anyway here it is. Along with many other bugfixes, just see for yourself :

- added : RLV_18 : Implement blacklist :
- RestrainedLoveBlacklist debug setting as a comma-separated list of tokens. Adding "%f" after a token indicates that we are blacklisting the "=force" variant instead of the "=n" one.
- @getblacklist[:partial_name]=2222 to retrieve a comma separated list of blacklisted commands
- @getblacklist in IM to act like @version.
- @versionnumbl=2222 to retrieve both the version and the blacklist.

- added : RLV_25 : Canonical names for new attach points need to be defined : "Neck" & "Root".

- changed : Re-establish fully opaque windows, since now we can control their transparencies through the preferences.

- fixed : RLV_35 : Layout of panel_status makes RLV unusable on smaller screens.

- fixed : RLV_28 : simple notifications unreadable (introduced in 2.7.4 by inverting the script dialogs).

- fixed : "@detach=n" on a child prim did not always make the whole object undetachable.

- fixed : RLV_37 : Double names on emotes on the chat history still show under @shownames.

- fixed : @attachallthis doesn't work with folder which name begins with "~", even under another folder (Thank you Sassy Romano for the report).

- fixed : RLV_13 : @getstatus needs a new, or user-selectable, separator.

Some of the changes involve new RLV commands (namely @getblacklist, @versionnumbl and @getstatus[all]), so the API will change version as well, to 2.8.

Go grab the viewer here :

And the MD5 hash for the Windows installer is :

Have fun !