Sunday, May 27, 2012

New products : Dogcart and Phaeton carts !

Hello there,

Here are the other projects I was talking about in the previous post : three gorgeous and very realistic carts for Ponyplay !

Carts are an inherent activity of Ponyplay. Just like racing, dressage and jumping.

Why carts ? Because ponygirls !

I have always been a fan of realism and predictability when it comes to handling vehicles in SL, sadly most vehicles, not only pony carts, are just too unrealistic. They rocket in the sky as soon as they hit a slope, they turn too fast, they misbehave when lag is too heavy, etc.

But I want carts to behave like carts. Slow and heavy but smooth and precise, and most importantly, able to handle several ponies at the same time. And when I say several ponies, I am talking about up to four ponies acting in a coordinated fashion, each pony adding "horsepower" to the cart. All of them are able to pull and steer, and the more ponies the more power (but not the more speed !).

What do you expect from a Ponyplay cart actually ? To look good, for starters. To behave smoothly and precisely so you don't get thrown in the lake every time you pull a turn. To be fetish, too, sometimes you like to transport a slave across several sims, and you want bystanders to see her. And you want it to be reliable enough to be able to handle lag and races without getting frustrated.

This is why I have created these three carts. One Dogcart and two Phaeton carts (one for two ponies, one for four ponies).

These are actually two products and not three. One box contains the Dogcart, the other box contains both versions of the Phaeton carts.

I could go on and on. There are so many features to describe and so many things to say. But you're not here to read some boring advertisement, are you ? How about I show you some pictures and videos so you see exactly what this is all about ?

Let me introduce you to my friends, who helped me with the pictures and the videos !

From left to right : "Pepper" (atmu Evans), "Princess" (Sabrina Dumont, my Mistress who has also been a wise-ass during the whole photoshoot :p), "Pretty" (Yours truly) and "Azure" (Devious Lei). Behind us, the 4-pony Phaeton cart.

And here are Evan Trellis and his girl Ani Littlebird. Aren't they cute ?

I will show you the Phaeton carts first, then the Dogcart.

When the 4-pony Phaeton is full, here is what it looks like. This is a sight to see ! The poor girls in the cage and chained to the back ring are Innocent Istmal and Aprille Dollinger.

A fully crewed Phaeton, getting ready to go !

 If you're good, you can make your ponies walk synchronously.

 Or even run synchronously.

This is what the driver sees. Evan insisted that he could see our butts wiggling. Figures !

"I wonder where they are taking us"

 Like I said, the other version of the Phaeton cart is made for two ponies only.

 It is exactly the same cart, except for two ponies instead of four.

You can tint some parts of the cart through the script. And you can even add your own decals ! Some are included in the box.

And now for the Dogcart 

  Front view of the Dogcart.

I am holding Pepper's reins in my left hand, and am getting a cuddle from my Mistress at the same time :) Life's good !

Side view of the dogcart.

Here is what the driver sees in Mouselook. What a fine day ! 

Surprise ! This is a dogcart after all, and real life dogcarts are meant to bring dogs to the field, so there.

Brake ! Brake ! Braaaaaake ! *CRASH*

Now that I have your attention, take a look at the list of features :  

Both carts 

* Many smooth, original animations that you can change while driving. Walk, walk slowly, walk back, run, turn left and right, several sits and stands. And the passenger can even give the driver a cuddle ! 
* Realistic handling : the speeds match that of a walking or a running avatar. 
* All ponies are allowed to pull and steer the cart, their actions add up for more "horsepower". 
* The weight varies with the number of passengers and ponies. 
* Mesh and sculpts for a better look. 
* Entirely configurable through notecards. Too slow ? Too fast ? Want to add anims and sounds ? No problem. This manual even explains how to do that. Make this cart your own ! 
* The wheels turn independently according to the speed of the cart. For instance, the inner one will be slower than the outer one when turning. They are not scripted, for a lighter sim usage. 
* Choose the color you prefer. 
* The reins are supposed to be held in the left hand, that moves when the drivers presses arrow keys. Especially useful with a Riding Reins HUD. 
* Return home or self-destruct immediately or some delay after people have disembarked. 
* The ponies can type while walking and running, no need to keep the up arrow pressed to walk. This makes it easier to emote while working ! 
* Sounds of footsteps, synchronized with the walk and run. 
* Sounds of wheels, different ones depending on the speed of the cart. 
* More animations and sounds are provided than those that are used, for more customization. 
* Can switch in and out of Mouselook. 
* Several levels of access : open to all, group only for ponies, group only for passengers, group only for both, and owner only. 
* Can hitch a pony or a prisoner through their RLV relay, and they will stay locked to the cart even if they relog. 
* Not spammy, messages are sent only to the relevant user. 
* Updatable (provided there is an updater is around), so you keep your customizations even through updates. 
* Copy/mod with mod instructions.  

Phaeton carts only 
* Two versions of the cart : 2 ponies or 4 ponies. 
* 2 or 4 strap for the ponies, 2 seats for 1 passenger and 1 driver, 1 cage for a prisoner (because Ponyplay is about fetish and BDSM). 
* Leash ring on the rear to leash a slave to (compatible with RealRestraint products).  

Dogcart only 
* 1 strap for a pony, 4 seats for 1 passenger each, 1 cage for a prisoner (this is a dogcart after all). 

Last but not least, you get bonuses in the boxes ! A wearable rezzer that lets you rez your cart when touched (handy when you're bound), decals for more customization, and more animations and sounds contained in the carts than actually used. You will recognize those from the Sassy Ponygirl AO. The rezzer looks like a tattoo of a cart, directly on the pony's butt. 

Why a tattoo ? 

Because ponygirl. *SMACK !* 

As for the pricing, the Dogcart costs L$400 and the Phaeton carts cost L$600. Both products are Copy/Mod/No-trans.

Like with the Sassy Ponygirl AO, these carts are sold through my Marine's Goodies side brand. At the time of this writing, you can find three vendors :

My shop :

Little Shop of Kink :

Stones N Rubber : Magic/116/101/21

Have fun !

PS for the fashionistas among us : We ponies wear top of the line stuff ! Take a look :  
- KDC Baroness black and white/red/purple/blue latex catsuits  
- KDC Delilah black and  white/red/purple/blue latex corsets  
- KCreations knee high pony boots (not patent) with white/red/purple/blue laces  
- KDC bridles and blinkers, heavily modified to match our tacks
- RealRestraint armbinders with white/red/purple/blue laces  
- RealRestraint Vixen posture collars with white/red/purple/blue trims