Monday, June 30, 2014

RLV 2.9.1

Hi there,

RLV 2.9 had a few bugs and quirks that needed some taking care of ASAP, especially the color of the fog and the bugs in Mouselook, so here it is, RLV 2.9.1 which will hopefully work better for you !

See for yourself :

- added : Now when an item has been given by someone else or some object (such as a furniture), the user will be able to wear it and unwear it at will, regardless of the restrictions, until the next relog. This should help keeping the clothing restrictions from getting in the way of play.

- changed : Default to "Unconstrained" when opening a texture, whereas the viewer used to try to guess the proportions of the picture from its dimensions... but the server always serves textures as squares, so the default ratio was always 1:1.

- fixed... ish : RenderResolutionDivisor was broken, and is still broken, when turning the simulated fog on. It is not fixed yet, but now when using this debug setting while @camdrawXXX commands are active, the blur is set to be very high (256 for now), in order to prevent cheating.

- fixed : Mouselook was bugged when clicking on Alt, sitting down or teleporting, leaving the avatar stuck.

- fixed : The simulated fog introduced in 2.9 was not opaque enough, and it got worse when increasing the number of gradients.

- fixed : The color of the fog was wrong, too much greyish.

- fixed : @camavdist broke when impostors were turned off (thank you Vanilla Meili for the heads-up).

- fixed : Request teleport wasn't scrambling the attached message under @sendim.

- fixed : @tplure was preventing from receiving teleport requests, which was odd.

- fixed : The "Report" button on the context menu when right-clicking on an avatar was still working under @shownames and @shownametags, while it shouldn't be (you can AR someone through other means anyway).

As usual, you can grab the viewer here :

And the MD5 hash for the Windows executable is :

Have fun !