Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Hiya !

I thought about a nice thing to have, and that's the ability to move the vision spheres (the black spheres that hide the world when your vision is restricted) from the head to another extremity of your body, at will. It makes sense, since when you are blindfolded, the camera features help giving you a "feel" of what's around you. So it also makes sense that you can "feel" what's around you with other parts of your body than just your head : your pelvis, your hands and your feet.

There is now a new "Focus" sub-menu under the RLV menu. It does nothing visible if you are not blindfolded, but if you are, it helps you, for example, see the ground you are standing on. It also helps if you are sitting on an object that puts you into an animation that would hide too much of your surroundings if you could "feel" the world only from your eyes.

Now of course, it would have made more sense to hide all the world except what's at a certain distance of your skin. Problem is, it is waaaay beyond my skills, so it has to be spheres. Any shape more complex than that is right out. I also heard that I could draw several spheres, one around every extremity. Well for one it is more than one sphere, it is a bunch of spheres all centered around the same joint, and for two they do not work that way anyway. They let the world be drawn first and then they hide most of it. Adding more spheres would only hide more of the world (and I'm not even talking about blending them between each other when they are only half-transparent). So I took the easier route and you can now shift your focus to other parts of your body. Besides, this is how it works in real life : you can shift your conscience to your hand, your foot, your elbow, or wherever you want on your body.

But enough rambling, here are the new features :

- added : A new menu under RLV to change the body joint where the vision spheres (the black spheres) are rendered, and around which the camera is restricted, instead of just the head. You can now "see" the world around any of your body extremities (head, pelvis, hands and feet). There is also a shortcut for each one of them : ctrl+alt+shift+U/J/I/O/K/L. The focus point is defaulted to the head when we are in Mouselook, though.
- changed : Allow to see the body attachments that have alpha textures from a little further away. We now take into account the size of the attachment instead of just its position. It's not perfect but it works well.
- changed : Objects with an empty name now show as such on the chat, like it used to be the case. It had been replaced with "(Unnamed)" for some time now, breaking some content in-world.

You can find the RLV for Windows here :

Direct download :

And the MD5 hash for the executable is :

Have fun !