Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Update to the Need For Seed HUD

Hello and Happy New Year !

This is a small update to the Need For Seed system (its HUD, actually). I had noticed some of the face appliers had a strange grey outline under certain lighting circumstances, so this version should fix that and get rid of any grey outline or shade for good.

It also contains a fix for a strange bug, namely when wearing one of the MdlM latex catsuits, bodysuits or stockings, the additional attachments (neck piece and boots) behaved strangely when clicking on one of the main buttons of the Need For Seed HUD. It would change the mask, or change the texture of the top of the boot, or hide it altogether... There was a conflict in the channels as the MultiApplier script in charge of applying the cum through Omega and Lolas is the exact same one I use in the latex catsuits, bodysuits and stockings. Added a parameter to tell this script not to talk to attachments, and it works. Of course it still talks to the cum attachments, but no longer to the neck piece and boots, that made no sense.

Anyway, to update your Need For Seed HUD, simply rez the updater contained in the folder on the ground and wait, you will receive a new box a moment later. Leave the updater alone, it destroys itself after a while. Also no need to update the Feed Her Need For Seed HUD, this one is not impacted by this update at all, so no need to give a new copy to whoever you already gave a copy to.

Have fun !