Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My plans for the near future

I keep receiving suggestions, which is nice, and asking what I'm gonna do next. Well here goes. At the time of this writing I have just released the 1.0 version of RestrainedLife, the SLBI has just open, everything works correctly, so I will take a rest. Perhaps log a bit less, but certainly spend more time having fun than working.

So, having fun first.

It's been a couple of months I have released my RR Shibari and I'm... "nudged" at releasing ropes for the legs as well. A lot. Well relax, the prototype is in my house, but far from being finished. I want nice animations and couldn't find the time to make them recently. Now that things are settling a little, I will finish the ropes.

So, RR Shibari Legs next.

I have yet to adapt my own stuff to my viewer. It would be silly that every content creator provides restraints compatible with RestrainedLife but me ! I'm sure it will happen unless I move my ass quickly. But I don't want to issue an update just to add these scripts, it would be better if it had some value-added. There are a couple of fixes I want to integrate anyway.

So, update my stuff next.

And I have almost finished a ring gag. Its garble script is still under testing but it will work pretty much like the RR ballgag.

So, release a ring gag next.

The rest... I have some things to do (not a lot remaining) but I don't have clear ideas yet.

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Anonymous said...

is there a chastity belt?

since the scripts are free, i think you might make money cash bundling the items into one package.

at the moment, people only need to buy one item and throw all the scripts inside it, to expereince the full range of controls. it might not make much sense for a gag to stop a person from teleporting around, but it's cheaper than buying other RR items so people will do this.