Thursday, November 22, 2007

RestrainedLife 1.01

Just a quick release with a couple of bugfixes : emotes are more tightly monitored (OOC goes through, special characters in [ ()"^_-=* ] are prohibited, otherwise the message is truncated), IMs going through when in Busy mode are now scrambled too, chat bubbles emotes have been butch... restricted.

It also includes a couple of changes and fixes from Henri Beauchamp's own patch (a derivative from my own), although we decided to fork our codes because he wishes to integrate the features in his own Cool Viewer, which is not only BDSM-related. Thank you Henri !

Therefore, Mo Noel will be compiling for Mac and Loom Kish for Linux, and I want to thank them both for taking care of that part of the job. Thanks :)

Promised I won't release a viewer every three days. As fixes are included the code will get more stable and eventually we'll only be keeping up to the official SL viewer progress.

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