Monday, November 26, 2007

RestrainedLife 1.03

Well I promised I wouldn't release a new version every three days... well it's too hard to keep. lol. After much discussion with Henri and some bug-hunting (especially one which was making the linux viewer crash and not the windows one), plus a new feature or two, I decided to release the 1.03 yesterday.

Huh ? Where is the 1.02 ?? Well Henri already released his 1.02 and includes the RestrainedLife features in his Cool Viewer so, in order to not confuse the users (and to avoid being bogged down by questions) we agreed it would be better to be a 1.03 finally.

New features :
* Some improvements (user-friendliness, security)
* Edit and Rez prevention on demand. When you're restrained, you're not supposed to be able to build, are you ? Well, you are by default but if your owner decides playtime is over... y'know :)

I'd like to talk a bit about these last features. Ollalla wanted me to ensure the cells in SLBI were secure. Totally secure. She jailed me with my cuffs and my beloved Fairlight boots locked (cuffs blocked, as always, I couldn't imagine otherwise). At first she didn't tell me why, just that it was... "a test". Of course I was feeling good and light-headed already but then she explained what she intended me to do. The rules were simple : I was expected to escape the cell. Using the custom viewer (I'm forbidden to use the regular one anyway). The locked boots prevented me from teleporting to another place or to even sit on a chair across a distance.

I'm no cheater so I didn't want at first but she convinced me easily. She told me that I was going to be punished very severely if I was still in the cell when she comes back and I better start trying right away. I was a bit puzzled at first because I designed the cells with security in mind so finding a way out was not an easy task. She told me she expected a list on her desk with all my attempts and their results.

So I did. I tried everything I could (even the most wicked ways) and eventually depleted my ideas. I wrote everything down and gave her the list (it was not on her desk mind you, for I was still in my cell the day after). Oh I could escape once but she was around and she put me back in, thanking me and telling me to try something else. She was quite impressed with the list.

I loved the frustration, the secureness of the cell, and was despaired for a while... you know that kind of mixed feelings... But on top of it, I loved Ollalla's brilliant idea. She wanted me to realize I still had to improve my stuff, and how. Being no techie, she couldn't point the problems out directly but she always finds a way :) What a blast ! I really felt trapped, like never before in SL.

So here it is, the 1.03 mostly comes from that frustration, that despair, and that mild deception when I could find a couple of ways to escape (which were hindered by my cuffs, I needed them off to test). 1.03 solves them all with the No-edit and No-rez restrictions now.

Thank you Sugar ^_^


Anonymous said...

As you can imagine, Marine exaggerates. It was just a security test, really. Honest. There were no ulterior motives whatsoever. It had nothing to do with seeing her helpless, squirming, horny...a victim of her own devices. It certainly had nothing to do with how hot it made me. :)


Anonymous said...

Sure "Sugar" :)

I wait for you in Fawkes' cell to try my own security "Sugar". I know you have already "try" Lavergne's cells...

Ahhh... And thx Marine for the work you do for us. It's really awsome.

Tara Li said...

Is there a better forum for discussion of the RestrainedLife protocol and possible additions to it? I know it would get a lot further into the internals than the current level, but I think it would be interesting to have control of the clothing layers - and possibly applications beyond BDSM such as strippers with panties scripted to slide down their legs before coming off.