Sunday, September 13, 2009

RR Tutorial : Control plugin

Hello, let's talk about one little devil of a plugin : Control. This plugin is one of the "RLV plugins", which means it makes sense only if you are using the Restrained Life Viewer ("RLV" for short).

Its purpose is to issue restrictions to the captive. This is better to have it in a collar, but it could go in any RR product, of course. With it, you can keep you captive "under control" (hence the name) by restricting her ability to :

* Edit (so she can't open boxes and steal stuff)
* Rez (so she can't litter around)
* See the names of the people around (so they can play tricks on her)
* See the name of the region and parcel she is in (so she can be lost somewhere)
* Use her map (the world map is hidden anyway if the location is restricted)
* Open her inventory (this is a very hard restriction, very controlling, personally I love it)
* Read notecards (this too is very hard, but sometimes needed)
* Fly (should be restricted at all times, if you ask me)
* Talk on private channels (to restrict her from using radars and other weapons)

You can specify exceptions to the private channels restriction though, in case she needs to speak through a gag (the latest RR gags do channel evasion and set their own exception anyway, so no need to worry about it anymore), or control their restraints through the use of channel 77, etc.

Notice it can't restrict the captive from teleporting. This is the role of the Leash plugin actually.

Have fun,