Saturday, October 3, 2009

RestrainedLife 1.21

Hello there,

Today we are having an interesting release for the RLV : 1.21 allows you to use the "Wear" contextual command again, even in the cases when it was hidden before (typically when something was locked). Same for "Add To Outfit" and "Take Off Items" !

And there was much rejoicing.

Aside from that, there is also a fundamental change to the way exceptions are handled. Exceptions are the way a restraint allows its wearer to send an IM to someone even though IMs are restricted, for example. Before this version, any restraint could issue an exception to a restriction set by any other restraint, in other words a collar could issue an exception to allow the sub to send an IM to someone even though she was gagged and unable to IM.

It still works that way now...

... but...

... some people were concerned that the security of the RLV was only mild, since a sub could use one restraint herself in order to allow her to do things another restraint was restricting (we are talking about sending IMs, receiving them, hearing chat, speaking on channels and accepting teleport offers here, only).

That's why now the RLV provides more secure versions of these commands (@sendim, @recvim etc, all the commands that accept exceptions) on top of these regular commands (that would be @sendim_sec, @recvim_sec etc, respectively). When these secure commands are used, only exceptions that are issued by the same object that issued the restriction are taken into account. In other words, a collar could not issue an exception to @sendim if @sendim_sec was issued by a gag. Simple as that. It does increase the level of security of the viewer, without breaking stuff.

Let me paste the release notes here :

- fixed : A clever way to cheat around @shownames (thank you Talisha Allen).
- changed : Reinstated "Wear" on the contextual menu even when something is locked and no attach point is contained in the name of the item. This holds the risk of kicking a locked object off, but it will be reattached automatically after 5 seconds anyway. Even "Add To Outfit" and "Take Off Items" work. This was a MUCH awaited feature !
- changed : Added support for reattaching several objects at the same time. Objects will be reattached at 1 second interval.
- added : @defaultwear restriction. When this restriction is set, the "Wear" command will work like it did before this version, i.e. disappear if something is locked and no attach point information is contained within the name. This is for subs who tend to abuse the Wear menu and kicking off locked objects a little too often.
- added : @versionnum command to retrieve the version number directly, instead of having parse the "RestrainedLife viewer v1.20.2 (1.23.4)" string. Here it will return "1210000".
- added : @permissive command that tells the viewer that any exception to @sendim, @recvim, @recvchat, @tplure, @recvemote and @sendchannel MUST come from the object that issued it or will be ignored (without this command, any object can set an exception to the restrictions issued by any other object).
- added : @sendim_sec, @recvim_sec, @recvchat_sec, @tplure_sec, @recvemote_sec and @sendchannel_sec to do the same as @permissive, but one restriction at a time (i.e. exceptions to @sendchannel from other objects won't be ignored if @sendim_sec is set).

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MD5 hash for the Windows zip file :

Have fun !