Sunday, September 5, 2010

Restrained Love v2.1.2.2

Hi there,

Here is the latest version of the RLV, with several bugfixes and changes that should simplify your life :

- added : A simpler way to activate the real-time shadows. This feature is NOT supported, use at your own risk !
- changed : Outfits are now usable again, unless you are prevented from changing clothes at all.
- fixed : Sometimes when logging on while being prevented from wearing clothes, the bodyparts (hair, skin, eyes and shape) would refuse to load, leaving your avatar desperately ruthed or cloudified until the restriction was lifted. Even a relog would not help. Not fun.
- fixed : The red arrow now appear even when prevented from seeing the location, when you try to map a friend (this is sometimes useful when you are blindfolded).
- fixed : "Wear" an object from the inventory was not replacing an already existing object on the target attachment point, it was behaving exactly the same as "Add".
- fixed : A clever hack around blindfolds.

A word about real-time shadows :

This version of the RLV provides controls to activate and deactivate the real-time shadows. This feature is already present in the original SL viewer, but the controls are hidden because Linden Lab does not officially supports it yet (it is still very much beta and slow). However, if you feel adventurous and know what you are doing, you can activate the shadows by opening your Preferences, then go to Graphics :

- Activate "Framebuffer Objects" and "Lighting and Shadows"
- Select sun & moon with or without projectors in the drop-down list

Please note that NO antialisasing is possible while "Framebuffer Objects" is set, this is a limitation of the viewer.

Attention, real-time shadows are VERY heavy on the graphics card. You must ensure that your computer is able to handle them.

As usual, grab the installer here :

The hash of the Windows installer is

Have fun !