Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Restrained Love v2.2

Hi !

Here is the latest version of the RLV with several fixes and some improvements :

- added : Keyboard shortcuts to Edit, Open, Sit and Detach, all using right-click.
- added : When receiving inventory from an object, the avatar can be made to automatically say a message on a private channel via the @notify command. That way the object knows whether the offer has been accepted, or accepted AND put in the #RLV folder (which is what it really wants to know), or declined (including muting).
- fixed : The FOV frustum would not be placed correctly on the world map when the UI size is different from 1.0. You can check this bug at https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-23105 and no it has nothing to do with the RLV, it was just in the way :)
- fixed : Several bugs spotted by Henri Beauchamp, thank you Henri !
- fixed : When prevented from editing, don't allow to Open with the Open tool on a box
- fixed : @attachallthis on an empty attachpoint or clothing layer attached everything ! (thank you Susan Daviau)
- fixed : Right-click > View Profile on a resident while under @shownames should not do anything (thank you Malidur Galicia)

A word about these new shortcuts :

This version of the RLV makes it easier to execute actions on an object by right-clicking on it. You may have noticed that since SL 2.0, the old pie menu has been replaced with a hierarchical context menu, and while there may be good reasons for this change, it reduces the productivity in everyday use. That's why the RLV adds some features to the right-clicking of the mouse in order to quickly Edit, Sit, Open or Detach an object. Here are the combos :

- Control + Right-click an object in-world : Edit this object.
- Shift + Control + Right-click an object in-world : Edit this object (adding to or removing from the current selection).
- Shift + Right-click an object in-world : Open this object.
- Alt + Right-click an object in-world : Sit on this object. It also works if you are wearing a HUD that takes all your view. Some restraints including mine provide that feature in order to make them feel more real, now this combo will make such a level of restraint be much more user-friendly because it will only prevent touching, and not sitting anymore. Another nice side effect of this is that when you sit that way, it does NOT stop the object if it was moving. In other words, you can now sit on a moving vehicle without stopping it. You can also sit on an object, then sit on another one without having to stand up first.

To delete several objects at the same time, just Control+Shift+Right-click all of them then press the Delete key. This is much faster than right-clicking > Remove > Delete each one of them.

But also :

- Control + Right-click an object you wear : Edit this object.
- Shift + Control + Right-click an object you wear : Edit this object (adding to or removing from the current selection).
- Shift + Right-click an object you wear : Detach this object.
- Alt + Right-click an object you wear : Does nothing.

Of course all these shortcuts are conditioned by the active RLV restrictions. You can't open or edit an object if you can't edit, you can't detach an object that is locked on you, or sit somewhere if you can't unsit from where you are.

Please note that pressing Shift, Control or Alt (or any combination of the those) will still show the default icons (the hand, the magnifier etc) because the viewer has no way to know whether you are going to left-click or right-click on the object.

As always you can grab the viewer here :

MD5 hash : 4bf562120afa6fe0d76bbb522bb90117

Have fun !