Saturday, October 22, 2011

Restrained Love v2.7.3.3

Hello there !

Finally, here is the version I've been working on loosely, while waiting for LL to deliver sources to a viewer that actually works. It's not perfect, I find it works better than, but I still experience occasional crashes, especially when downloading a lot of textures (in crowded areas for example). But at least it's usable.

Here are the bugfixes and improvements I have added in this version :

- added : Make gestures activate/deactivate when wearing/removing items respectively through a script.
- added : New icon for the viewer, thanks to Kittin Ninetails's nice work :)
- added : "Use region settings" menu item in the World > Sun menu, to be able to revert to default without having to open 3 windows.
- fixed : Now each prim handles its own restrictions (instead of all defaulting to the root prim), but if ONE prim is set to be undetachable, then the whole object is undetachable.

Grab the viewer here :

And the MD5 for the Windows installer is

Now I'm going to try out LL's latest viewer, with all their UI changes. It looks good so far !

Have fun !