Sunday, October 9, 2011

RLV Issue Tracker

Hi again,

It's been a long time I should have done this, but now it is official : the RLV has its own issue tracker now ! This comes directly from my blog post about opening the specification of the RLV :

If you don't know what an issue tracker is, think of LL's JIRA dashboard, through which bugs and feature requests are filed by the users. The RLV issue tracker works exactly the same way, but is much simpler.

Issues are separated in four main categories (more may be added later) :

- Discussions : This category is meant to serve as an informal forum. Bugs and new features will be discussed here, like a big brainstorm before triaging and turning the good ideas into projects.

- RLVSPEC : This category is meant to contain all the bug reports and new features that impact the specification (the API). It is formal and features in that category are to be considered seriously.

- RLVORIG : This category is about bugs and features in my own RLV (not RLVa).

- RLVUNIF : This category is empty for now, since there is no "merged" RLV yet.

If you encounter a bug and you are sure it is tied to my RLV (the viewer, not the spec), please file it under "RLVORIG". If you are sure it is tied to the specification itself, tag it "RLVSPEC".

If you wish to share your new feature, please drop it on "Discussions" first so that you can discuss it with other people, because "RLVSPEC" and "RLVORIG" are meant to be more formal.

You can find the tracker here :

Sorry again for the time it took. I should have done this looong ago !

Have fun !