Thursday, March 20, 2014

News from Sugar

Hi !

I've kept pretty silent on the matter lately, but it has been wearing on me for sure... My friend and partner Ollalla Sugarbeet has been missing for months. Her last login in SL was on December the 23rd last year.

She's alright. Almost. I can't of course get into specifics, especially on a blog, but she would like to reassure people and her friends.

She has fallen very sick something like 6 months ago, rather suddenly, the causes are unknown. Probably a conjunction of factors, because her RL was quite rough at the time, so I suspect stress must have aggravated it. She's been sick to the point of being hospitalized... and she's still in the hospital today, 6 months later. She's slowly getting better over time, but it seems what she caught is something tough to battle against.

Anyway, she wants her friends to know that she misses them, she misses SL, and she is impatient to come back. She just doesn't know when she will be back. It could be weeks or months from now. She has a very limited access to the internet, and of course can't log on into SL from where she is.

If you have rented her a spot for an RR vendor, she knows it must be overdue. Please contact me directly so I can pay her rent for her, thank you.