Sunday, March 16, 2014

Small fixes to the Leather Body Harness

Hello there,

I've got a few reports about three silly bugs since the release of the Leather Body Harness...

Bug 1 : Two of the three parts are detachable even while locked and under a RLV : That bug is due to me going too fast when installing the Leash plugin (it was installed very late in the design, I initially didn't mean to even make the harness lockable in the first place, let alone leashable), the Leash_slave scripts were put in root prims... I should have known better because they tend to clear the RLV restrictions issued by the prims they are in. To fix that, you need to update at any of my updaters because the updated harness contains two additional invisible prims for those leashes.

Bug 2 : When you modify the color of the rings (not of the fasteners), it will also modify the color of the fasteners of the vertical strap between the breasts, and the one behind the back. This is due to a missing value in the Description field of these two straps and you can fix it yourself easily (see below for the procedure).

Bug 3 : The "Give Tools" button on the Leash plugin does nothing at all... Of course, because I have forgotten to add said "tools" to the harness, namely a leash handle and a leash pointer HUD.

The fix to the first one requires an update (if it really bothers you) but the other two do not.

Here is how to fix Bug nbr 2 :

- Edit your upper torso harness, select "Edit linked parts" and click on the front strap between your breasts :

- Look at the "Description" field on the "General" tab, it should show "harnesstex,verticals,F120" :


- Add a "3" after that text, making it "harnesstex,verticals,F1203". Don't change anything else :

- Click on the vertical upper back strap and repeat this procedure :

 - Once done, close the Edit window and it should work, without even needing a reset.

To fix Bug nbr 3, you need to be part of the RealRestraint Updates & Support group and read the notice about the bug and its fix, because it contains the two missing objects (a leash handle and a HUD).

- Locate those two items in your own inventory, they come from the notice to the group but they are identical in each RR product so you can as well take them from any of your other restraints by going to "Plugins", "Leash" then clicking on "Give Tools" :

- Edit the waist part of your harness, without clicking on "Edit linked parts" this time :

- Go to its "Content" tab, the tab that displays the contents of the waist harness, and drag-and-drop those two items inside :

- Once done, close the Edit window. No need to reset.

If you're uncomfortable with editing prims and description fields and inventories and all that, you can just go to one of the updaters and request an update at any of these locations :

My little shop :

The Little Shop of Kink :

S&M Castle :

Once again, I'm sorry for the inconvenience !