Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New product : Chariot

Hi !

Right on the heels of the release of the Sulky, here is the second cart I've been making lately : the Chariot !


Bondage is often very fetish, modern and sometimes sci-fi, but... a little antiqueness cannot hurt either. Inspired by 60's and 70's peplums and a bit of John Willie's work, this Roman-style Chariot will fit your kinky vintage fantasies !

Like the Sulky, this cart is dedicated to races, but it needs at least two ponies to handle well as it is heavier. In fact, it is made for up to four ponies at the same time, hitched in a line !

Each glowing orb is a sitting spot. If you have an odd number of ponies (say 1 or 3), you can have one sit on the fork itself, which is a sitting spot as well, so the formation stays balanced :

One pony (centered) and one passenger

 Three ponies (one in the middle, two at the extremes)

Same seen from above

Here you can see a quadriga (four ponies) walking slowly :

Prancing :

Or even with their legs chained ! Yes this means they walk slower.

In fact, you can have them walk, prance, run, or hobble in chains, or ropes, or even hop with their legs tied together ! It works exactly like the other carts.

Take a look at the features :

* 5 spots for the ponies (4 max at a time), 1 seat for the driver, 1 seat for the passenger.
* Many smooth, original animations that you can change while driving. Walk, walk slowly, walk back, run, turn left and right, several sits and stands.
* Leash ring on the rear to leash prisoners to (compatible with RealRestraint products).
* Realistic handling : the speeds match that of a walking or a running avatar.
* The weight varies with the number of avatars sitting.
* Ready to be used with the Racing System from Marine's Goodies.
* Slows down when bumping into a static object or into land.
* Allows the ponies to boost up to twice their power, at the expense of steering.
* The ponies can have their legs bound and the cart will move slower as a result (and the animations are different).
* Entirely mesh for a better look and a lower prim count.
* Entirely configurable through notecards. Too slow ? Too fast ? Want to add anims and sounds ? No problem. This manual even explains how to do that. Make this cart your own !
* The wheels turn independently according to the speed of the cart. For instance, the inner one will be slower than the outer one when turning. They are not scripted, for a lighter sim usage.
* Choose the color you prefer.
* Return home or self-destruct immediately or some delay after people have disembarked.
* The ponies can type while walking and running, no need to keep the up arrow pressed to walk. This makes it easier to emote while working !
* Sounds of footsteps, synchronized with the walk and run.
* Sounds of wheels, different ones depending on the speed of the cart.
* More animations and sounds are provided than those that are used, for more customization.
* Can switch in and out of Mouselook.
* Several levels of access : open to all, group only for ponies, group only for passengers, group only for both, and owner only.
* Can hitch the ponies through their RLV relay, and they will stay locked to the cart even if they relog.
* Not spammy, messages are sent only to the relevant user.
* Updates are free.
* Copy/mod with mod instructions.


The box also contains 11 textures for the front shield, plus the UV map if you want to make your own. See the manual for details.

The minimalist tack used in the pictures and videos is also included in the box, copy/mod/no-trans, for a little retro (and a bit tacky) fetish touch ! The horns are individual faces so you can color them or hide them as you like, same for the blades and the other metal parts. The "Hold Breasts" physics are there in case you use physics for your breasts. Since the nipple shields are unrigged, they wouldn't move with them anyway. To complete this tack, I recommend those heels, which are the ones worn by the ponies and the driver in these pictures and videos : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/HC-Jules-Gladiator-Boot-Gold-for-Slink-High/6895607

The Chariot costs for L$600, is copy/mod/no-trans, takes 19 prims and is sold through my Marine's Goodies brand of products.

You can find one of the vendors at my main shop in Pak :


(it's the small vendor to the left of the RealRestraint one)

Another vendor is in Lineside :

There are of course other vendors at various public places in SL.

Thank you for watching !

Have fun !


PS : Yes I know that the driver's helmet is that of a Hoplite, which was a Greek unit and not a Roman one. And that her shield was probably never seen on the Roman campaigns. Neither her heels for that matter, or even any of her armor... But who cares ! It's fantasy ! *g*

The driver's armor comes entirely from this shop : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/46959 (look for "Hoplite helmet", "War Kitten" and "Beauty Shield"). Except for her heels which are the same ones as the ponies. Whose restraints are the Restrained Elegance set and the Deluxe Gag and its Bridle.

Thanks to Keiyra Aeon, Danna Pearl and Angelina Sinclair for their help with the taking of these pictures and videos !