Monday, September 28, 2015

New product : Sulky cart

Hi !

More than three years ago I created two carts : the Dogcart and the Phaeton cart. They have been a huge success since then and you can see them pretty much all over the ponyplay sims, because they handle smoothly and are a real joy to drive. Especially when the ponies are blindfolded and using the Riding Reins HUD !

But I always felt that more carts were needed, specifically for racing, which the Dogcart and the Phaeton were not made for in the first place (but their latest update does bring them "up to speed", so to speak).

So here is one small cart dedicated to pony cart races : the Sulky !

Here it is in action :

This cart is a very light and narrow one (so it is easier to overtake), made for one pony and one driver only, and is designed from the real life cart of the same name that you can see on every race track in the world. Fast and agile, it is the ideal vehicle for sexy pony cart races !

The driver has 6 different positions for the feet, to make sure they fit the stirrups regardless of their size. Press the left and right arrow keys at the same time to switch between all of them.

Take a look at the features :

* 1 strap for the pony, 1 seat for the driver.
* Many smooth, original animations that you can change while driving. Walk, walk slowly, walk back, run, turn left and right, several sits and stands.
* Realistic handling : the speeds match that of a walking or a running avatar.
* The weight varies with the number of avatars sitting.
* Ready to be used with the Racing System from Marine's Goodies.
* Slows down when bumping into a static object or into land.
* Allows the pony to boost up to twice her power, at the expense of steering.
* The pony can have her legs bound and the cart will move slower as a result (and the animations are different).
* Entirely mesh for a better look and a lower prim count.
* Entirely configurable through notecards. Too slow ? Too fast ? Want to add anims and sounds ? No problem. This manual even explains how to do that. Make this cart your own !
* The wheels turn independently according to the speed of the cart. For instance, the inner one will be slower than the outer one when turning. They are not scripted, for a lighter sim usage.
* Choose the color you prefer.
* Return home or self-destruct immediately or some delay after people have disembarked.
* The pony can type while walking and running, no need to keep the up arrow pressed to walk. This makes it easier to emote while working !
* Sounds of footsteps, synchronized with the walk and run.
* Sounds of wheels, different ones depending on the speed of the cart.
* More animations and sounds are provided than those that are used, for more customization.
* Can switch in and out of Mouselook.
* Several levels of access : open to all, group only for ponies, group only for passengers, group only for both, and owner only.
* Can hitch the pony through their RLV relay, and they will stay locked to the cart even if they relog.
* Not spammy, messages are sent only to the relevant user.
* Updates are free.
* Copy/mod with mod instructions.

You might have noticed among this list of features that the pony can be bound... It works exactly like the Mousewheel and the Treadmill, just take a look at those videos :

Walking with the legs chained



Even with the legs tied together !

Fastest !

There is also a portable cart rezzer that looks like a tattoo (on the butt) and that is empty. Simply drop a copy of your Sulky into it after having rezzed it on the ground, then wear it, click on it and... Spank ! A Sulky appears !

The Sulky Cart costs for L$300, is copy/mod/no-trans, takes 7 prims and is sold through my Marine's Goodies brand of products.

You can find one of the vendors at my main shop in Pak :

(it's the small vendor to the left of the RealRestraint one)

There are of course other vendors at various public places in SL.

Have fun !


PS : If you're wondering what kind of tack the ponygirl is wearing in these pictures and videos, just take a look here :