Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Another hotfix for the RR Mummy and Tape gags

Hi again,

Sooo... this time it seems I forgot to update the names of the prims of the tape gag and mummy gag. Tsk tsk. The result is that they don't show in "Total" anymore, since the old "Total" lock became "Big" and the new "Total" didn't exist before. Actually I did change the names but in my personal gags, not in the retail ones. *spanks self*

If your mummy and/or tape gags do not show in "Total", this means their individual parts are not named correctly. Let me give you a little bit of technical background here, the Visible script contained inside nearly all the RR products is in charge of hiding and showing all the parts of the item it is contained into, depending on the lock, on the availability of the keys, and on a lot of other factors such as the settings in the Style plugin. To do this, it simply reads the names of all those parts and interprets them like formulas.

This hotfix makes it so all the individual parts of both gags are now correctly named, but... it requires a replacement, a soft update will not fix it. And I know that you don't like to replace because this means resizing again, and resizing is a pain so below is a step-by-step explanation for you to do it yourself, if you feel like doing it. Renaming prims is easier than resizing them.

If you do not want to bother with doing it by hand and prefer to have your gags replaced, simply go to one of these locations, click on the updater there and follow the instructions like before :

My Little Shop
Chorazin's Shop
Roper's Dark Playground
Dark Wishes

But if you feel adventurous, read on.

For both gags, you need to edit them (either while wearing them or after rezzing them on the ground, it makes no difference) part by part, by clicking on "Edit Linked" on the Edit window, and clicking on each part individually. For each part you see its name and its description, what you need to change is its name only, as the description is used for texture stuff. If you want more details, what is missing is the "5" number (that's "Total" now, but it used to be "4", the 4th lock on the gag). For each part, I will show you what to write in the name field, just copy the formula from here and paste it into that field in SL. You will not need to reset anything, as soon as you changed the names, you're good to go.

For convenience I show you an exploded version of the gags but of course yours don't look like that. Don't forget to press Ctrl Alt T to see invisible things, since they are invisible while untied.

The Tape gag

Invisiprim (here in white so you can see it on the picture) : "$1+2+3+4+5:1/0,tapegagtex,invisiprim"

The two small squareish tapes on the cheek : "$4+5:1/0,tapegagtex,total up r"

The two big diagonal tapes : "$4+5:1/0,tapegagtex,total r"

The big middle tape : $3+4+5:1/0,tapegagtex,tight

The two lower and upper tapes : "$2+3+4+5:1/0,tapegagtex,med dn"

The inner tape doesn't change, it stays "$1:1/0,tapegagtex,loose"

The Mummy gag

The top nose part : "$Sp+5p:1/0"

The main part : "$0%2+3+4+5:1/0 $1%3+4+5:1/0 $2%4+5:1/0"

The "very funny" part : "$2v+3v+4v+5v:1/0"

The two ear parts don't change

The ribbon part : "$4+5:1/0 !b:0"

The upper neck part : "$Sq+5q:1/0"

Sorry again for the inconvenience,