Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hotfix for the RR gags

Hi !

As mentioned in the blog post about the update for the RR gags, there is an issue that happens when you click on "Stop Animating Me" in the "Me" menu of your viewer, and your "RevokePermsOnStopAnimation" debug setting is set to TRUE (which is the default value). When you do that, your viewer revokes all animation permissions it granted to any object, furniture and attachments alike. Problem is, the gags request permission to animate only when reset so when they lose permission, they have to be reset (you can do so by clicking on the gag, going to the "Tools" menu and pressing "Reset").

This was a bit weak on my part, I should have coded this more defensively, so this is what this hotfix does. It makes the gags request permission every time they rez, and every time they are expected to animate you without having permission to do so. Don't worry, permission requests are silent on attachments so you won't get spammed.

The concerned gags are :
- Ball gag
- Ring gag
- Deluxe gag
- Pretty Mummy gag
- Tape gag

Not the Isolation Hood since it does not use the OpenMouth plugin, which is the script that needs to be fixed.

To get this hotfix, simply go to Dark Wishes, click on the updater there and request a soft update (select "Update" on the menu instead of "Replace"). Be aware that this particular updater is not like the other three, it only updates the aforementioned gags. Well, it provides replacements as well if you so wish, but it won't upgrade your restraints to 1.29 (let alone 1.30) if they are older.

Have fun and sorry for the inconvenience,