Wednesday, November 28, 2018

RLV 2.9.24


Here is the latest version of the RLV, including LL's latest code with Animesh and a few fixes for some annoying or silly bugs. Here's the change list :

- added : A "Refresh Attachments" menu item in "Advanced" (Ctrl-Alt-D to make that menu visible if you don't see it), a feature coming from Firestorm to help when one of your attachments is ghosted after a teleport.

- fixed : We could not move an attachment or part of it while sitting on someting and restricted from teleporting or sit-teleporting.

- fixed : When under @shownames, "Second Life" would appear in the chat history instead of an obfuscated name (thank you Carina Asbrink for the report).

- fixed : One of the debug screens was not affected by @shownames.

- fixed : Hearing emotes said by a personal attachment which imitated the name of an avatar around us, did not have its name obfuscated when under @shownames.

- fixed : RestrainedLoveAvatarShadows level 2 was broken.

- fixed : After changing the Windlight settins through RLV and restoring region defaults via the menu (not via RLV), the sun went on its course at a high speed.

You can grab the Windows version here :

Alternate download link if the erestraints website is down :

The MD5 hash for the Windows executable is :

Have fun !