Friday, December 21, 2018

Small update to the Need For Seed HUD

Hi !

Here is a small but long standing update for the Need For Seed HUD, which didn't have a "Clear" button to clean yourself up.

Now when you click on the red cross on the bottom right corner of the HUD, you also get to choose which layer to apply the invisible textures to Maitreya to clean your body (if you're a Maitreya user), and it loads the invisible textures to the two Omega scripts, making them ready to apply them on your body (if you're not a Maitreya user), exactly like all the other applier buttons. Then you can click on one of the Omega buttons, and/or one of the Lolas buttons (if you're using Lolas-compatible breasts like the Proud Girls), and you'll be clean again !

Please note that depending on what mesh head you use, you might have to use the Omega button several times, if you've applied cum to several layers. For example, if you've applied cum to the Lipstick and more cum to the Tattoo layers of your Lelutka mesh head, you will have to use the Omega button twice after clicking on the red cross. Once to clear the lipstick part and once to clear the tattoo part.

To update your Need For Seed HUD, simply rez the updater contained in the folder on the ground and wait, you will receive a new box a moment later. Leave the updater alone, it destroys itself after a while. Also no need to update the Feed Her Need For Seed HUD, this one is not impacted by this update at all, so no need to give a new copy to whoever you already gave a copy to.

Have fun !