Monday, December 24, 2018

Xmas gift - Sheer Camo Latex Catsuits !

Merry Christmas !

So a friend of mine asked me the other day to make sheer versions of the camo latex catsuits for her. I said ok, why not, that's a good idea... but why for you only ?

As a result, here are sheer camo latex catsuits for everyone ! Yes, for you too Ashe, since it was your idea in the first place :)

You can get them from the gift box at my shop in Pak, the box will stay there for two weeks starting today the 24th (*), so if you're a fan of catsuits, be sure to stop by and get yours !

If you are not familiar with the Maison De La Marquise Latex Catsuits, here is how you apply them :

- Wear the neck piece and one of the pairs of boots.
- If you're a Maitreya user, simply click on one of the buttons and choose the layer, and that's it.
- If you wear Proud Girls or other Lolas-compatible breasts, click on the "Bra" or "Top" buttons with a pink "L" underneath to apply the same textures to them as well.
- If you use another mesh body than Maitreya, for example Slink, you need it to be Omega-compatible and you can't use an Omega relay, since those do not relay materials. You click on one of the color buttons, then on the "Tattoo", "Inner" or "Outer" button.

Please note that although there is a neck piece and boots included, they are no-mod unlike the ones included in the retail versions of the catsuits. But if you own the latter, they work just the same and you can freely use them instead of the no-mod ones.

(*) So this means I will remove it Monday the 7th. Unless I forget or I'm too tied up, both of which being very likely.

PS : The military cap is not included. But if you like it, you can find it here.