Friday, March 19, 2021

Update for all the RR blindfolds

Hi there,

Following the recent addition of @setsphere to the RLV (in v2.9.30), I have updated all the RR blindfolds to add the ability to choose between three methods of blinding, in their "Blindfold" plugin :

- HUD : This is the old-school pre-RLV method, a big prim takes all your view and has only a tiny hole in the middle to let you click through it. It obscures all your view, including your avatar.

- CamDraw : This is the RLV 2.9 vision restriction spheres that you already know.

- SetSphere : This is the RLV 2.9.30 and RLVa 3.4.3 vision restriction sphere that was recently introduced.

The way it works is simple. You choose your preferred method (even while blindfolded, you can change on-the-fly) and the plugin decides which method to use according to the version of your RLV. If the version or your RLV actually supports the method you chose, no problem, the plugin will use it. Otherwise, it chooses another method like this :

- If you chose CamDraw and are not using a RLV 2.9 but are on a RLVa version 3.4.3 or above (in Firestorm or otherwise), then it will choose Setsphere.

- If you chose SetSphere and you are using a RLV 2.9 but not 2.9.30 or above (in which case what are you waiting for, grab the latest version !), then it will choose CamDraw.

- Otherwise it will choose HUD.


If you wonder, the blindfolds in the RR line are :

- Scarf Blindfold

- Deluxe Blindfold

- Tape Blindfold

- Iso Blindfold

- Mummy Blindfold

- Remvision

Note : If you are reading this and are a creator of RLV blindfolds yourself, let me help by recapitulating all the versions and what they mean for you when you get a response to your @versionnum request : 

< 2090000 : No camdraw, no setsphere available (that's before RLV 2.9).

< 2093000 : Camdraw only, no setsphere (that's RLV 2.9 but before 2.9.30).

< 3000000 : Camdraw and setsphere are available (that's RLV 2.9.30 and above).

< 3040300 : No camdraw, no setsphere available (that's RLVa prior to 3.4.3).

Other numbers : Setsphere only, no camdraw available (that's RLVa 3.4.3 and above).

I hear often that this update makes your vision spheres white. This is not a bug but a feature actually, the vision spheres take the same color as the root prim of your blindfold. To change that, simply edit your blindfold, check "edit linked" on the edit window, select only the root prim (that's the one highlighted yellow) and set its color to whatever you prefer, the vision spheres will follow. It's a nice hidden little feature if you're tired of the black.

As an extra, there is also an update to the Vixen legs cuffs : their D-rings would not hide when selecting the Invisible style while unlocked. You need a replacement to benefit from this update though.

If you don't want to replace your Vixen cuffs (which I understand, they're a pain to resize), you can fix the bug yourself by following this procedure :

1. Edit the right ankle cuff and check "edit linked" on the edit window.

2. Click on the main part of the cuff only (the one with the strap and rings) so it selects only this part.

3. It should have a weird name. Replace the weird name with another weird name such as this :

$2%Lw:1/0 $3%Lw:1/0 $4%!Lw:1/0 $1567%w:1/0 $0%Lkw:1/0

4. Do the same with the left ankle cuff.

No need to reset or anything, this fixes the bug once and for all.

To update, simply go to any of the following locations :

My Little Shop
Chorazin's store
Roper's Dark Playground
Dark Wishes

Once there, click on the updater and follow the instructions. You do not need to choose "REPLACE" for this one as the Blindfold plugin is the only thing that changes and is a single script, so a simple "UPDATE" is fine. You do need to replace your Vixen legs cuffs though.



Have fun !